Vegetarian eats this week: sloppy joes and some rice “salad”

It’s been a long week and I realized that I didn’t share with you what we made this week to eat. There’s no time like the present to share. It’s nothing spectacular and was kind of a slow week in our house for no reason at all. But it’s the a time of the week where I show my vegetarian eats this week!

Overnight oats

We haven’t really changed up our breakfast in like 3 years so we’re still eating the same egg and overnight oats. It works. I don’t even do anything different to the overnight oats which I should. I should spice it up for the blog’s sake anyway. Maybe next week I’ll play with the flavor combinations. What do you think I should try different with my overnight oats?

Food this week

For lunch, I made tofu sloppy joes with green beans and baked potatoes. I have to be honest, I did not enjoy this at all. I tried to jazz it up with some veggies but it just didn’t hit the spot for me. I wanted something more barbecue flavored because that’s what I was craving and this didn’t hit the spot at all. Willie liked it though and I guess it’s just lunch.

Food this week

For my snack I made this rice salad. It was a play on tabouleh but I did it a little different. I used oranges, edamame, dates, brown rice, parsley and red onions for this. I also used a little bit of orange juice and olive oil. It was really good but it was too wet! I definitely think making this with quinoa or barley would have been better. So I’ll try again and if that works I’ll post up a recipe. This was just me messing around in the kitchen and this is what I got.


For dinner Willie made some tofu black bean thing with sorghum. I knew nothing about this until he made it. I don’t even know where he found it. It kind of had a nutty flavor to it but it was really great with the tofu black bean thing going on. It kind of tasted like tamales. I really enjoyed it. Willie was winning in the food department this week.

Panera salad

The best thing I ate this week was the strawberry poppyseed salad from Panera Bread. I’m obsessed. It usually comes with chicken but I nixed that part of the meal. It’s so light and summery. It’s my favorite salad from Panera so I’ll be sure to eat it while I can…because it will go away.

This was week 3 of vegetarian eating and it’s still going good.  I really tested it this week by pushing my workouts and I’m still moving.  I do worry that we’re not getting enough protein for our activity level but that’s just something we’ll have to work on.  Our little experiment is almost over so I’ll definitely do a final write up on it when it’s over.

What was the best thing you’ve eaten this week?