Hello everyone!  It’s June and it’s the time of the year When I take a small break from the blog. After attending Mom2.0 in April, I learned I need to take my blog in a direction. I need to spend more time on developing USEFUL content alongside those personal moments I love to share. I have taken the last week to brainstorm the type of content I want to provide in the next year. I have worked on new ideas and put pen to paper to flush those ideas out. During the time, I have also learned food blogging just… View Post

I must apologize for my absence from the blog.  My life has gotten really crazy.  The responsible blogger thing would have been to stock pile post and have something already in the queue.  I like to blog organically and where as some posts are planned, I do most of my posts based on what I feel like is itching to be talked about that day.  Therefore, I haven’t been around.  Here is an explanation in this video: My mom had knee replacement surgery so any extra time I’ve had has been spent taking care of business.  The days have been… View Post