How do I travel so much?

The weekend is finally here and I’m traveling. I’ve had lots of questions about how I’m able to travel frequently and I want to put a stop to chit chat and maybe help some people out at the same time.

Today is the day I’m heading to San Diego with my best friend to run Rock n Roll San Diego. I’ll be taking on state #11 on my marathon quest and Missy will be running the half marathon. Plus, we’ll be running the 5K on Saturday morning. It’s going to be a great girls weekend…and I get to run! It’s so exciting.

I’m here to bust the myth about my traveling schedule.  I hear people talking occasionally and I do have people ask me if I have a job. So how do I travel so much?

I'm tired so I got the biggest cup of coffee I could find. Heading back to Texas. Kansas it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, so I thank you! A great race, great food and an MLB game. I call that a great weekend! #marathonmaniacs #garminmarat

I do have a job.  I have THREE jobs, this blog being one of them.  I work very hard so that I can travel.  This is what Willie and I do for fun.  I run (he sometimes goes along for the run, we travel, we experience the local scene and just have a good time together.  That is what we like to do. We have to work to be able to afford the travel.  I wish I was independently wealthy but I’m not.  A girl can dream though.

1. I use to spend a lot of money on stupid things when I was less active.  I spent a lot of money on gadgets, going to movies, DVDs, random crafty things, etc. Those things were a priority then, but not priorities now. All that is my money that can I save for my travel.

2. I’m always on the lookout for a travel deal. When plane tickets go on sale, I’m usually the first person online checking those things out.  I plan my trips around cheap plane tickets and then I make the races work.

3.  I’m extremely loyal to airlines, hotel chains and other travel services.  I’m gaining points that I can use for free stuff along the way.  My hotel brand of choice is Hilton Hotels and my airlines are Southwest Airlines or United Airlines.  I try not to rent cars when I’m out but I am loyal to Budget.  Also, I’ve just discovered AirBnB and will probably use that more often because I have more flexibility with cooking my food and just having an at-home feeling. I will be staying at an AirBnB for my Chicago trip.

4. I don’t really buy anything else besides the necessities of life.  I pay my bills and save my money for travel.  It’s hard sometimes because it’s hard to be social when you don’t want to spend money going bowling or eating out all the time, but I save my money to have my amazing travel experiences.

5. I also spend a lot of time filling out surveys to get airline and hotel points.  It’s very tedious but it’s easy to get points for the free upgrades or the free travel.  It works and every point adds up to the bigger prize.

It’s really great that I get to have all these experiences and I’m glad I get to experience this stuff with my husband.  I am looking to spend more time driving to some of these places and really enjoying things a long the way.  The only bad thing about that is having to take more time off work which isn’t always possible.  But with planning, most things are possible.  That’s the one thing to always remember.

I hope I was able to give you a little insight into my travel methods and answered some of your questions. My most favorite place I’ve traveled is Colorado.  I feel at home there and I really like Denver/Boulder.  It makes me sad that I probably won’t be able to make a trip out there this year.

Which state in the US would you like to visit the most?