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Hey all!  I hope you’re having a great day.  I’ve been busy since we returned from New York and I’m trying to get a handle on things.  I really want to clean up and get things ready for the New Year.  Just in case you didn’t get a chance to catch our segment on the Today Show you can watch it here.

It was a really great experience being on the show. It was exciting to sit in the green room and see all the stars come through. Willie spotted Eva Longoria and I was happy to see America Ferrera. If I wouldn’t have been in the makeup chair I definitely would have asked for a picture with her. She’s one of my favs! It just seems like a really fun place to work because everyone was just happy.


The set is really nice. It was pretty amazing to step foot in there.


The most exciting thing to me was meeting Jenna Bush and Hoda! And of course being able to spend some time actually talking to Joy Bauer was really great. I’m grateful to her and the NBC Universal staff for allowing us to share our story with the world. Joy was a delight and so friendly. I can not say enough great thing about her. It was just a really great experience.

We didn’t get to see all of the great stuff during the segment because we were in it.  But I loved all the pictures and my marathon map!  It was very very cool.


People have mentioned they wish the segment was longer or wished that we got to talk more. Our segment may have been cut shorter to put in some other things like Joy Bauer’s daughters birthday. Which we didn’t mind at all because we spent the morning talking to them and hanging out. Wouldn’t you like to celebrate your 21st birthday on the Today Show? It was pretty cool. Besides, if you want to know more you know where to find us on the internet.

I also wanted to address the issue of the 500 pounds down to now 400 pounds.  It’s no secret that Willie is having his own weight loss struggle.  I don’t think struggle is the right word.  He’s have a moment. And I’ve been very open with you guys in the past about how I gained weight due to running and actually sticking to my weight training.  Before we were sticks, we looked fragile and sometimes sick because I do believe we lost too much weight.  It’s hard for your body to stop when it’s been in that mode for so long.  But I’m proud to be successfully maintaining my weight and healthy lifestyle for 3 years now.  Keeping the weight off is the real struggle. 


It was cold in New York the day of the taping because I wanted to hang out in the plaza with GTS and Team Healthy Kids posters. It was really really cold and there weren’t many people hanging out there for that reason.


Willie and I enjoyed being able to walk around the city and just enjoy it all. We met up with a friend on Saturday night and ate at Eataly that evening. We walked 10 miles on Sunday and it was a great time. That is what we love most about NYC is just being able to walk around and take it all in. We’re not the touristy type of people; we love to experience cities the way locals do.

In closing, I wanted to tell everyone we are here to help and motivate.  We don’t want to seem unapproachable or distant.  Tweet me or Willie or send us comments on Instagram.  That is where we are most active on social media OR just leave a comment on the blog.  We are here to help you achieve the things you want to accomplish.

On the TODAY Show & come a marathon with …

On the TODAY Show & come a marathon with me

Good morning and Happy Monday! It’s the first week of the New Year which means we turn those plans into actions. This is your time to shine. Don’t just talk about doing something; make it happen. Willie and I spent yesterday walking around NYC and enjoying the sights. It’s been a great way to start off the year and it has really made us think about things. This morning Willie and I are on the NBC Today Show in the 4th hour. Please take the time to watch and hear about our weight loss journey which has now turned into…

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