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Talk about a crazy day!
Gillis CNN

We had no idea the CNN story would cause this much buzz and definitely wasn’t something we were looking for by talking about our journey. Did you see they did a small bit on the actual news channel too? I missed it, but I heard all about it. Willie and I are not the type of people to seek attention. I originally started the blog because people were asking so many questions, I just wanted a place to put it down so I didn’t have to keep repeating myself. The only thing we ever wanted was to help others along the way who may deal with some of the issues we deal with everyday.

We were both very pleased with the article. It really captured who Willie and I are as individuals and as a couple. Every day I am SO PROUD of all the challenges Willie overcame to get to where he is today…and I’m proud of myself. I am very thankful this is a journey that I get to take with him! These are the moments we’ll never forget.

We sincerely thank you for all of your kind words! Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to all the e-mails we received today. Most of the e-mails were to just say thanks, but others did ask questions. Willie and I have decided that we will use those questions for future blog posts, so please keep coming by and I’ll keep posting. I just want you to know that we got them and I haven’t read them all yet, but I will! It’s just going to take me a couple of days to make it through them all. Did I mention we got 100+ e-mails in just one hour?

This is a very exciting weekend for me because I’m in Dallas now to run the Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon! Yes I know I ran a 10K last week and a half marathon the week before that, but this is something that I enjoy. I look forward to spending time with my friends and just taking in the whole experience. It’s my very first Rock n Roll race!

Thanks for coming to visit our spot on the web and I hope that you find it interesting and helpful. Remember if you’re trying to lose weight or just need a lifestyle change, it takes time and doesn’t happen immediately. Stick with it. Hard work does pay off; you just have to be patient enough to wait for it. I never thought I would ever be at this point, getting national recognition for it AND running half marathons for fun. It’s amazing how different life is just from last year. I’m taking it in and living it every day.