I’m sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth because I was too tired to function.  I think we all greatly underestimate our need to sleep.  Running + friends + no sleeping + no real food = Texas Independence Relay! I will admit my happy emotions cup runneth over and there’s no way I will ever be able to put into words how I felt this weekend.  I can’t express to you the greatness in the relationships I formed this weekend, the respect built for my team mates and the joy and misery in my heart! I’m not even… View Post

It’s Friday!  I’m excited for the weekend and have a new experience.  This year I was invited to join a Texas Independence Relay team and I’m really excited for the experience. It’s 200 miles with my friends. We’re either going to love or hate each other by the time it’s all done! We have 11 people on our team and two drivers. Willie volunteered to drive on this little adventure and I’m so grateful for his support on this one! We start tomorrow morning at 9:28 am and will run from Gonzales, TX to the San Jacinto Monument! 200 freakin’… View Post