Trying the Tanri Outdoors sunscreen products

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I received my Tanri sunscreen and daily moisturizer through Bibrave. I am a person who takes skincare very seriously, and I was excited to try out these products.

Tanri outdoors is a mineral sun ween developed for runners and adventurers by runners. The only FDA-approved ingredients for sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both found in mineral sunscreens. Tanri strives “to source natural products that are better for our health with minimal impact on the environment.”

Tabriz outdoors sunscreen

What I love most about the Tanri sunscreen while it’s a mineral-based sunscreen, it is safe to use on Tot. It’s always a pain having to find a sunscreen the whole family can use. Tot loves spending time outdoors and has become very environmentally conscious. She’s somehow developed a love of turtles. It’s nice to have sunscreen, which is safe for the environment and the little person in my life.

Let’s get a background on SPF:

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures how well a sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UVB (ultraviolet B) rays. People are often confused by thinking the higher the SPF number and the more effective the sunscreen is when applied.  

Tanri’s sunscreen is labeled Broad Spectrum, which means it protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

The Tanri products:

I took the sunscreen and lip balm out for a test on several runs. The SPF 30 sunscreen isn’t greasy like other products and didn’t leave me feeling liked a glazed donut after sweating. Sometimes it feels like a layer of sweat sits on top of my skin while sweating with sunscreen.


I was hoping there wouldn’t be that white layer visible on my skin when applied, but there was still a white-ish tint on my skin. Having the white tint doesn’t bother me with sunscreen, but I have to spend extra time blending in the daily moisturizer.

I am very serious about my skincare, and a daily SPF moisturizer is a part of my morning skin routine. Sun rays will get absorbed into your skin on visible or cloudy days. We are exposed to UVA/UVB broad-spectrum rays all day long, so it’s crucial to wear a daily SPF. 


The Tanri daily moisturizer goes on a bit thick but offers excellent all-day SPF 15 protection for your face. We are exposed to UVA/UVB broad-spectrum rays all day long, so it’s crucial to wear a daily SPF. Sunscreen should be a daily part of your morning skincare routine: cleanser, moisturizing, and an SPF.  

Tanri suncreen and lip balm

My lips are always dry, so I keep lip-balm everywhere. The Tanri lip balm with SPF 15 has become essential on my run. The lip balm helps me make it through my long runs. The flavoring on the lip balm is light and keeps my lips moisturized for those long runs and races. 

While going for a long run, my skin is exposed to the sun for a long time and has a darker skin tone, absorbing the sun rays. Having sun protection is essential to me, and I’ve enjoyed using the after-sun restorative protection strengthened with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Aloe Leaf Juice. My skin is dry from dehydration after long workouts. The after-sun product has helped with the rehydration of my skin after a run and drinking my water.  

Also, with keeping in line with sustainability, the after-sun restorative protection and daily moisturizer come reusable bottles and pumps. And Tanri gives 1% of its sales towards preserving national parks.

If you are interested in trying the Tanri products, go to and use the code “BibRave10” for 10% off your purchase.

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