The search for summer salads

I’m searching for some summer salads!  I’ll probably revive this search for year round, but I don’t always have access to a microwave for lunch so I’m looking for foods that I can eat without warming it up.  Also, I’m not always wanting to eat a “traditional” salad because let’s be honest, a girl can only eat so much lettuce.

There might be a twisted misconception that a salad must always look a certain way.  I will admit, I do not always like eating the traditional salad but it’s something gravitate to because it’s easy.

My go-to no warm up lunch is chicken salad. I even tried to change up my chicken salad by trying a new recipe from Skinny Taste. It’s was good, but it’s still a chicken salad.

But like I said, I want to try something new that embraces the season. I’m looking for salads that I can add a cold protein or can just stand on their own.  I wish I was one of those cool bloggers that came up with their own recipes, but I’m not.

Then it hit me, there’s this place on the internet called Pinterest and I don’t use it that much.  It’s like a toy store for adults because if you’re looking to make something, you will surely find it here.  Therefore, I created a Pinterest board filled with summer salads and I thought it might be a little helpful for you too.

I’ll keep adding to the board and I will make one of these salads every week for the summer to see what I like best. I really want to hear your input on this issue, too.

Do you have a favorite summer salad?

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