Video: This is how I cheat on meal prep

Hello all! I’ve been behind on everything so I took a little break from the blog to catch up on everything. I really needed to pump some videos out because I do have a goal to complete Vlogmas. The video from the other day was perfect content for the blog so I want to share it with you.

I needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store to buy a few things because the house was a little bare. I thought this was the best way to show you some of my short cuts in still eating “right” when I’m in a pinch. There isn’t always a time to meal prep so this is how I make it work.

Healthy Choice Meal

This is my biggest tip for eating on the go and/or when you just don’t have time to prep a meal. The Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers are just what we like because compared to other meals (even in the Healthy Choice line) they have the less sodium content and the meals are just yummy.

We stumbled upon the Lean Cuisine pizzas during the summer when we did the vegetarian thing and we just wanted something different. I don’t hate them and I can still get my pizza without feeling so bad about it. Of course, we can make Flatout Bread pizzas too but I think these pizzas are good and quick.

Yes, it’s processed but I haven’t been able to live a processed free diet. I sometimes need the convience of these frozen foods. Most people need that convience too so I’m not going to pretend like this is a horrible thing. It is something we NEED in our life to help bridge the gap. I’m just glad there are options like this to allow us to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

Have you had a the Lean Cuisine deep dish pizzas? I think you should go get one to just give it a try. Which one do you think would be your favorite?

Tips for gaining focus

Tips for gaining focus

I’ll cut the small talk and just be honest, I have been lacking focus. I’m easily distracted and that has really killed my productivity. That’s why things have been lacking here in the blog department. The slightest thing will throw me off course and it’s hard for me to get back on this figurative road. Do you know how many times I’ve jumped off this blog post already? I’ve only typed three sentences. I decided my office today would be Panera. You know, because it’s easy not to get distracted here. Wrong! Whever my focus has gone, I would like…

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