Getting a fresh start.

It’s Monday which we all know is the start of the new week (duh)! The beginning of the week is always filled with moans and groans because Mondays are so hard. But the start of the week is always filled with possibility. It’s the start of new to-do lists, new goals, new accomplishments…and a lot of new things.

Couldn't pass up this great weather this morning. Got my miles in for a very exciting day. It's a new day and new start to the week. Work hard and dream big! #fitspo #fitness #fitfluential

Mondays are great day to refocus and start anew. Start off the week positive and with promise. This is not the time to think about the impossible but all the things that are possible. Life is about moving forward and learning experiences. Don’t let what happened last week or the week before negatively influence moving forward.


If you didn’t hit the gym last week the way you wanted to, this is the time to start again. If you didn’t quite handle a tense situation correctly, this is the time to learn from the mistake and take that going forward. If a job you really wanted didn’t come your way, this is a chance to show the world you deserved that job by working harder and smarter.

The most important thing about moving forward and making a fresh start is being willing to change. Situations change, people change, relationships change along with many other things but the hardest part is the allowing the change. A fresh start to the week is about learning from the past to make a successful future. One cannot rest on the road that got them to a point and expect not to change paths to keep going. When life gives you a zig, sometimes you have to zag.