WIAW: Lots of salad or nothing at all

Hello all! Happy Wednesday. I wasn’t going to do this post because I really haven’t wanted to eat much of anything since the race on Saturday. I have to set reminders for meal time. I just haven’t been hungry. But I have all these food pictures so it’s only right for a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW).


On Thursday night, I threw together a stir fry. Willie made some really yummy food last week but on this particular night I wanted something else. This is what I threw together very quickly. Wiaw

Friday night I went to Salata to get a salad while everyone else ate Freebirds. At Salata there was no tofu on the line because it didn’t “meet restaurant standards” that day. The guy who fixed my salad kept repeating over and over, “oh yes, a nice healthy salad.” My salad was the salata mix, quinoa, mango dressing, mushrooms, beets, sundried tomatoes, onions and cucumbers.


At the race I ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly and fig newtons. I should have realized that may have been the last time I would enjoy food for awhile. Willie and I stopped off at Chipotle on the way home to enjoy some sofritas. I wanted to eat it but sadly most of this stayed on the table. I forced myself to eat the sofritas tacos. Wiaw

Last night I had my fundraiser for Team Healthy Kids and of course, there was another salad.  Eggs are in short supply so they didn’t keep them on the salad bar so I had to ask.  Once again, I wasn’t very hungry though.  The salad was good though.  I bought my own dressing from home.  I’m really starting to like that stuff.

This morning I had my overnight oats!

For someone who hasn’t been eating, I sure do have a lot of food pictures. Haha!

What have you been eating this week?