Week in review #8 2020

It’s late, I know. Vlogmas keeps me busy on YouTube, and all my extra hours of life end going to editing videos. It’s rough, but it’s a fun project. It also teaches me a lot about myself by pushing me outside of my limits. 

The week was exciting because I announced that I’m a Bib Rave Pro! Being an ambassador for Bib Rave will open up many more opportunities for me in running the community. Plus, I’ll have more running content to provide over the year. 2020 stunted us all, but 2021 is looking like it will be better. I’m not a person who will tell you how to train because I’m an experience-based runner. I can’t tell you how to run the fastest mile or what races to run that will get you a BQ. But I can help you get motivated and inspired to run a race and enjoy the experience of it all.  

It’s been a week of trying to get prepared for Christmas (and a pre-schooler birthday). I’m going to have to stop calling her toddler because she’s not anymore. I can’t believe she will be four very soon. I stepped out of my comfort zone this week to make a charcuterie board. It’s not the healthiest thing, but it’s a fun idea for the holidays.

There was also the dreaded car accident, which left a hole in my floorboard. Someone lost the ball hitch off of their truck, and it got lodged under my car. Things could have been worse, so I’m not complaining.  

What I ate this week:

Week in review 8 2020
I made a Korean Beef dish which I ate all week. It was something I could change up in different ways. I also pickled some radishes and cucumbers to put on top. I could eat it with tortillas for tacos, over brown rice with veggies, in a salad, and Tot’s favorite with ramen noodles and veggies.

I also used Tyson Black Pepper Herb seasoned chicken to make up a salad with tomatoes, red onions, olives, and a tzatziki sauce. The salad turned out fantastic. If you’re a feta cheese person, it would have been a great addition to a greek salad. But I also used some Tyson diced chicken and bacon for a BLT salad with Bolthouse Farms Honey Barbeque Ranch. I love the Tyson frozen grilled chicken because it’s easy to cook in minutes when I’m in a pinch.

My breakfast was oatmeal. I use to eat oatmeal all the time, but I grew tired of it all. This week I made a big batch I could eat over three days. It’s a nice filling meal, especially when you add the extras: fruit, peanut butter, and chia seeds are my favorite. 

The extras this week was a smoothie bowl from Jamba Juice. We don’t have a Jamba Juice near us, so it was a great treat to have this bowl. And my “cheat” meal was pizza and beer. It’s my go-to cheat meal, and I love it. I’m a simple lady.

My workouts:

Workouts for the week

I take two rest days a week. After checking the weather, I planned for Friday to be a rest day for me, but it wasn’t raining on Friday morning. I went out anyway and went for a walk. My calf has been bothering me a bit, so I’m rolling back a bit on the running to make sure it’s not a big deal.  

Monday: 3.31-mile run + 1-mile walk.
Tuesday: 45-minute full-body bike Bootcamp
Wednesday: 3-mile power walk
Thursday: 30-minute core bike Bootcamp
Friday: 3.11-mile walk

Everything else:

Week in review 8 2020

I’m currently obsessed with Umbrella Academy on Netflix. This has stood in the way of me watching any Christmas related content. I need to get those Christmas movies in while I can.  

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

I’ve been grinding away making my Vlogmas videos. The videos take up most of my extra time. Plus, I’m preparing for the holidays and Tiny Tots’ birthday. She won’t be having a birthday party this year due to the pandemic, but she will have a fun party at school with her friends and cupcakes. The cupcakes are her only concern.

My outfits for the week failed. It’s been cold and raining, which means I have just been trying to stay warm and dry and no so focused on fashion.

Videos this week:

This week in review is very late, so stay tuned for the next one coming soon!