Hey all.  Yesterday I was so sick and couldn’t make my blog post.  Today, I thought I drop a guest blog post on you about sleep and how it affects your diet. I hope you find the information helpful because I sure did.  I’ve noticed a pattern in my sleeping and if you follow me on the socials you know my sleep isn’t so great on the weekends.  You know why?  That’s when I Netflix and chill HARD.  This really got me thinking about how sleep and diet are connected.  It’s always been one of my biggest weight loss tips:… View Post

Monday morning, the alarm went off and I hit the snooze button.  Sunday night, I stayed up a little later because I was working on some blog projects and it messed with my routine a bit.  Sunday work, turned into a Monday morning snooze that lasted long enough for me to miss my morning workout.  What’s up with that? Monday afternoon, I start going through my e-mail and find something interesting about sleep deprivation.  Keep in mind, I didn’t think I was sleep deprived because I go to sleep at old lady time.  I’m usually in bed by 9pm if… View Post