Hitting those September 2015 goals

It’s a new month and I’m actually kind of excited for everything to come.  The arrival of September is a relief (maybe the temperatures will go down) and excites me.  It’s been a long summer and September kind of means that summer is coming to a close.

I was pretty serious about doing these goal setting posts in the past but kind of fell off for one reason or anything.  I have to make it a point of doing these posts to remind myself of things I should strive towards in the future.  Also, it just helps to write these things down.  It’s a great tool that I preach to all you readers out there so if I want you to do it, I should do it myself.


One goal I had last month was to take my dog walks just to keep active.  I think I did a pretty great job of fitting those in and I will continue doing those walks.  The dogs are starting to expect them more and more now and I think they enjoy it more because it’s not so hot outside.

Here we go:

  1.  I need to work on getting more sleep.  I have been more energized to do a lot more things lately but I think my sleep schedule has taken the brunt of it.  A few weeks ago I talked about sleep debt and I’ve learned just how important it is to get sleep.  Those zzz’s are an important part of living a healthy life and it’s kind of gotten away from me. This might also mean I need to take a power nap in the middle of the day too. I have been tired and sluggish due to my lack of sleep and my next point.
  2. I need to drink more water.  There’s no way around this one.  Being tired is sometimes of sign that you’re not drinking enough water and I’ve been wanting to lounge around all the time. My water intake the past couple of weeks has turned into a slow clap so I know I need to make sure I always have a water bottle with me and I’m drinking the water that is in it.  It also wouldn’t hurt to eat a few more water dense foods like lettuce, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
  3. Because I will be gone all of October, I want to make sure I have my meals together so I’m not constantly rushed so I think I’m going to try to plan out a month of meals.  Is this something  you would be interested in following the process?  This would be a complete month of meals with grocery lists and recipes?  As far as our diet is concerned, you probably missed the memo but it’s there.
  4. This is the hardest month of marathon training because race day is so near.  I want to make sure I stay on track and focused but still have a good time in the end.  I’ll refresh my running playlist and head out with the running group just to make sure it keeps a smile on my face and I stay focused.
  5. My Team Healthy Kids fundraiser last week was very successful.  I raised $75 for the cause but I need to keep it going.  I still haven’t reached my goals.  Every person who donates $10 or more will be entered into the contest for a $100 amazon gift card.  If you want to help fight childhood obesity through healthy meals and great health education in schools, please consider donating to a great cause.
  6. I teach indoor cycle classes on Tuesday and Thursday and I want to make sure my class stays fresh and exciting.  I’m going to revamp a lot of my playlist and try some different things.  Workouts can get stale and boring and I want to make sure everyone stays excited and energized about coming to class.
  7. Just have fun and enjoy life.  It’s been lacking in my life because I’ve been wrapped up and playing the victim.

Just in case you missed it, I posted a video yesterday. My daily life videos are longer than other videos just to let you know but those are longer because it’s DAILY LIFE.

What are your goals for September 2015? Are you working toward anything big or do you just have smaller more focused goals?