You are enough so embrace it.

It’s a big world out there and sometimes it’s hard to navigate and stay true to yourself.  I remember my teenage years and all the adults claiming “you’ll find yourself as your grow older.”  Everyone has heard the “just be you and don’t worry about what other people think” speech, but it’s easier said than done, right? As I grow older though, I think it becomes harder to be who you are without being conscious of what other people may think or say.

It never gets easier and it never goes away.  It’s something everyone has to work towards.  Just be you because you are enough. Love yourself for the person you are, try to always keep growing and most importantly, try to be understanding in all situations. It’s time to recognize and acknowledge your self-worth.  I am enough. You are enough!


The world is filled with different types of people.  It’s constantly changing and growing due to the uniqueness of everyone.  Don’t be afraid to squash your uniqueness.  If you do you’re doing everyone a great disservice because you’re not allowing people to learn and grow.  It’s a system of interdependence which is VERY important to keep moving in a positive direction.  Take the time to celebrate all the things you think make you different from everyone else.

Find out what really makes you happy! Write them down.  Let the list rest and go back to readjust.  Go beyond the every day of family/friends/spouse/children and really dig deep to find out WHAT really makes you tick and makes you happy.  Once you figure out your happiness, your life’s focus will become clearer and being yourself will come that much easier.  It’s going to be different for every person but I truly believe everyone should know what truly makes the happiness meter go off inside.  And the best thing about happiness is many things will make you happy and happiness will change over time.

Ignore everyone else.  People will always have something to say.  Sometimes it will be good, sometimes it will be bad.  Value the opinion of people who mean the most to you and everyone else, forget them.  It’s not worth it.  I know I spend a lot of time wondering what this or that person is saying about me because I’m doing this.  In the end, they may not even care.  I’m pretty sure I put myself through some personal turmoil for nothing.  There’s a difference between being sensitive to someone’s feelings and letting their feelings take over your own well being.  It’s about a balance.

Find your passion.  If you do something you really love, you’ll find peace.  It doesn’t have to be your full time job or even a full time hobby.  It does have to be something that you enjoy doing and can’t live without.  Engaging in activities like this will make being you that much easier because you’re in your element.  You’re taking the time to enjoy life doing something that makes you you!

Encourage and support others when they are taking the chance at being different.  “Fitting in” always seems to be important and we are bombarded with images and reasons why a person should fit in everyday.  But if you’re going to be yourself, don’t stifle other people’s need to be themselves either through discouragement and criticism.

Judgement is hard.  It happens everyday.  But we must always remember your life is your own.  You live it the way you choose and no one can really say anything about it.  Don’t be afraid to the person you are because you are enough.

That proud feeling

That proud feeling

People often ask me why I run.  I run because I love it.  People never ask me why I run so many races but I know they always wonder.  I run the races because it’s about pushing past boundaries for me. Every time I line up at the start and cross the finish line I know I’ve accomplished something.  Those are the moments I use to motivate myself to keep moving past those boundaries and push toward new goals! I’m using my running a race as a way to explain the thoughts in my head today, not because I think…

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