Happy National Sandwich Day!

One should not be this excited for a day like this, but I will admit I’m super excited for National Sandwich Day!  I do love a good sandwich because the possibilities are endless.  I don’t want to be like Bubba from Forest Gump but I could name a ton of sandwich combinations that I love!

Lunch stop! Chicken Cesar wrap no dressing, no cheese so I guess that's just a chicken wrap...and a fruit cup! What are you chowing down on this afternoon? #fitfluential #bucees #lunchtime #goodeats #rnrdalThe simplest things make the best sandwiches and sandwiches are so easy to make.  And the best thing about sandwiches? Those things are pretty hard to mess up. What is considered a sandwich? From wikipedia: A sandwich is a food item consisting of one or more types of food, such as vegetables, sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread, or more generally any dish wherein two or more pieces of bread serve as a container or wrapper for some other food. Untitled

I do enjoy just a plain ole sandwhich most days, but I do love a falafel sandwich! It’s so good!

Here are some links to some great sandwiches to try:

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Cranberries, Apples, and Pecans
Grilled Margherita Sandwiches
Lighter Chicken Salad
Eggs and Salmon Sandwich

Those are just a few but I’ll be adding stuff to my pinterest “National Sandwich Day” board. If you’re a pinterest user follow me and maybe we can collab on some boards.

Willie thinks these holidays are silly and sometimes I do too.  I only support the weird days that I’m into, haha!  But he sure doesn’t have a problem celebrating this fine day.  We will get our buy one get one free sandwich from Subway later.  I hope they don’t run out of bread.

What’s your favorite sandwich?