This week’s snack attack: homemade salsa is on the list

It’s a marathon week so I don’t do weights.  I didn’t go to my usual group Power class this morning.  Instead, I stayed in and did some strength training with the ladies of Tone It Up.  I seriously love these workouts.  You can get them for free on their youtube or buy a DVD like I did!  I started the program at the beginning of the summer and within weeks I noticed a difference.  These workouts are the bomb for toning up and looking fabulous.

While I was working out, I was thinking about food.  Is that a bad thing? I’ve been asking around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about your favorite snacks.

Here are some of the replies:

Stacey from “Black bean hummus or peanut butter and carrots.”

I seriously love hummus and can eat my weight in it.  And I love the peanut butter and carrots combo.It’s one of my favorites from childhood so that’s great to know I’m not alone in that one.

Lauren from breathedeelplyandsmile: “Apple or banana with peanut butter.”

Can you really go wrong with peanut butter…at all?

My best friend Missy: “Greek yogurt with either mini choc chips or peanut butter granola”

Again with the peanut butter!

From Mandy: Peanut butter,chocolate chips and cranberries mixed together.

Robin likes something different: “Smoothie with frozen blueberries and coconut water with walnuts.”

What have I been snacking on lately? It’s summer so I’ve been eating ALL THE WATERMELON. The only problem is, Willie won’t let me slice it because he’s afraid I’m going to cut myself. So I have to wait on him to slice it up for me. It’s well worth it though because it’s so delicious.

I’ve also been craving this chickpea salad from a while ago. It’s so light and good for a snack. Packed with protein which will keep you full longer.

The Health Warrior chia bars are something I’ve been having pre-workouts in the morning. They are really good. My favorite flavor is the apple cinnamon with coconut coming in close second. The bars are only a 100 calories and keep me fueled for my workouts. The only downside is getting those chia seeds stuck in my teach! Not cool for the people who sit on the front row of my cycle class! I haven’t found a place that sells them locally so I always buy them when I’m out of town but you can get them on

And lastly, I made this homemade salsa on Sunday and it’s almost gone! I think we’ve put salsa on everything. It’s so good. I love it because it’s homemade with fresh ingredients and I know exactly how much salt is in it! I’m all about watching my salt! Salsa is so easy to make and if you have a food processor or something like it, it will only take you about 5 minutes!


Here’s what you need:
4 large tomatoes
2 jalapenos, (I took the seeds out of mine)
2 garlic cloves
1/2 cup cilantro
1 white onion, diced
1 lime juiced
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp salt

*I used my Ninja Prep to mix all my ingredients together for this salsa. You can certainly do it by hand if you want to chop everything up and mix together.

So I just put all the stuff into the prep and pulsed it until everything was smooth and mixed together. I let it sit in the fridge an hour before eating it so that all the fresh goodness would come together for a complete taste.

It’s that easy. Instead of using tortilla chips, I’ve been using sliced cucumbers which is a nice refreshing bite!

What have you been snacking on lately? How many times do you snack throughout the day?