Back from Colorado

It’s been a long weekend but one that I definitely needed.  I’ve been really stressed and a little unhappy with things in my life so I needed some time to just loosen up and have a good time.  The only thing that really sucked about this trip was Willie couldn’t go with me.  I really enjoy having adventures with my husband but this one we couldn’t make work.

I had a great time.  I have lots to blog about so I’ll be loading up the blog to get things out of the way.  I really planned on doing more blogging while I was away but I was really taking the time to relax.

Here are some of the greatest hits:

I took the #tea tour and learned a lot. I'm so happy I got to do this. Guess who is in a good mood with a new favorite tea flavor? #celestialseasonings #boulder #travelgram
My first stop was the Celestial Seasonings factory. I literally left the airport and went straight here. This was a great way to start this trip off.

Picking up some goodies from one of my fav #running stores! Love @runnersroost! I love being here! #travelgram #runchat #embracethespace
I went to my favorite running store ever! The people here are just really nice and always make me feel at home. They have made me an honorary Colorado gal and keep in touch throughout the year. You never know what type of impression you will make on someone when you first them. These were people I met in passing but have become some good folks to know.

I just took a gnarly 90 min ride through the #Rockies to run a 10k trail race. It's totally worth it and 40 degrees. 10k today, marathon tomorrow. #yolo #fitfluential #colorado #travel #runchat #running #webeatfat
I explored the Rocky Mountains!

I successfully parallel parked my rental car ON THE FIRST TRY!

I woke up at 3:00 am the entire time I was there because I wanted to explore the rockies and run some races. All that racing meant I had to take some ice baths. I cleared out the hotel ice machine!

This morning I limped around the airport because I hurt myself during yesterday’s race. I had to improvise so i shoved ice packs in my running tights. But there will be more on that in my race recap. Pain in temporary but I made some memories that I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to tell you about it all.

Did you have a good weekend? Are you a mountain or beach person?