Merry Late Christmas

Hello all!  I was super busy cooking a bunch of food for Christmas and getting things ready for Tiny Tot that I didn’t have enough time to post.

It’s wicked hard to be a parent at Christmas. I never really understood the pressure, but I’m going to try to keep it real. Gift giving is hard for me because I never know when enough is enough.  She is a child and deserves to have gifts on Christmas but she doesn’t need an overabundance. I can’t control what other people buy her, but I can keep my spending in check.

I did find some solace when she ran up to coloring books I got her. All she wanted to do was color.  Those were supposed to be her birthday presents but she was focused on other things that day so I waited to give it to her.

I like Christmas pajamas. I like taking pictures in them too. At least she stopped playing long enough for us to get a photo.

Running my daily mile was high on the priority list for Christmas. I expected a busy day and I couldn’t sleep so why not get up to get it done? This running streak has carried me to 168 on Christmas Day and it shouldn’t end there. I ran a mile and then I walked another just because I wasn’t ready to stop but I didn’t want to run.

Sometimes, it’s just best to get it done at the start of the day, especially on busy days. It was very foggy, humid, and warm for Christmas. It just didn’t seem like Christmas. I tried to make my run as festive as I could to make up for the warm weather.

I didn’t take any pictures of the food I made but I made broccoli salad which turned out great.  There is still some left so I’ll probably be doing a blog post on that very soon and some of the things I received for Christmas.

I just wanted to drop in to say hello and a Merry Late Christmas!

What did you do for Christmas?  Did you get anything good?

Walk (or run) a mile a day

Walk (or run) a mile a day

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