Why I loved the Jet Magazine article

Welcome to everyone who found my blog through the Jet Magazine current issue. It was something totally unexpected and I didn’t even know we made the magazine until my mother-in-law told me. It’s a great honor.

Article about me and @williebeatfat in the current issue of Jet! #awesome #weightloss #determination #fitfluential #fitness #willpower #positivethinking

It’s not a great honor because are in the current issue, it’s a honor because I really feel like they captured the essence of our journey. Sometimes when you do these things people are listening and other times people are REALLY listening. I feel like Ms. Miya Williams really listened.

The one thing we really want everyone to know is losing weight is hard but it’s doable. Together Willie and I lost 500 pounds. When we started Willie weighed a few pounds short of 500 pounds and me just a few shy of 350 pounds. It just takes a little bit of will power to take you a long way.

Nothing is impossible! Change your negative mind about it and just start moving. Please please please always remember that in anything you first embark on whether it’s weight loss, working out or learning a new skill, results don’t happen immediately. It takes time! There is no change without change and sometimes you really have to work to make change happen! Not everything in life is easy. Keep pushing and it will be worth it in the end.

Most importantly, what works for one person may not work for someone else.  Everyone is different so sometimes you have to do different things!

For all those people out there trying to tackle something new, today is the first day of the rest of your life.  How are you going to face it?

I’m trying to learn a new skill now.  Swimming.  I really want to cross an Ironman finish line soon and I can’t do that without learning how to swim.  I’ve been struggling with it.  I even shed some tears over it the other other day because I just didn’t want to go to the pool.  Thinking about going to the pool stresses me out. I’m human and I’m just like anyone else.  But I know if I want it, I have to do it…and it’s not coming easy, but I will do it!

What is something your want to fight to finish?  How will you fight for it?