A new year of goals

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014 and all that comes with it.  Last year was great but I want to make this year even better. I started off my morning with a 7.70 mile run.  If I would have known I was that close to 8 miles I would have kept going. We ran the resolution run with our friends to start off the year.

Midweek run and Resolution Run 5k with SRS! It's good to start the year off right! Plus Willie and I ran it together! #running #runchat #newyear #2014
I ran a little over 3 miles before we left home to meet the running group. I did a little bit more before the running group started and finished with the group. To my surprise, Willie was running right next to me and we ran the resolution run together. This was probably the best way to start out the year and not to mention we were running 9 min miles the whole way. I am so proud of Willie because he’s getting better and stronger every run.

Resolution run
It was a great run! We then all headed off to celebrate the new year for “breakfast” but Willie and I had already eaten. Fruit cup and coffee it was for us!

I’m not one for making resolutions but I guess setting goals is basically the same thing. I feel like the world is my oyster and we’re still starting to experience life. I still want to try so many things…

1. I will complete a triathlon this year! Swimming kicked my butt in 2013 but this year I’m going to make it happen. I know I had lofty goals of completing a half ironman this year and I would still like to do that. I just won’t make it my main goal of the year. Tri first!
2. I will continue to run and this year I will complete my first official marathon!
3. I will learn to speak Chinese because it’s almost time to run The Great Wall of China Marathon. Training for this is going to be tough but the experience is going to be worth it! I can’t wait for us to run through so much history and have Willie conquer his first marathon ON THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA! How many people can say they ran their first marathon in China on The Great Wall.
4. I want to help out more with feeding the needy and homeless and find ways to make healthy eating an affordable thing for everyone. No one should have to lack proper nutrition because they can’t afford to eat the right foods.
5. Spend more time with family and friends…and hopefully they’ll understand that vacation or trips might include some running. I use the term might loosely because trips/visits/vacation will include running. Here’s hoping for a little bit of understanding! 😛
6. I’ll try to take more pictures of what I eat because people are generally interested in that.
7. Provide more useful content for the site so y’all will continue to read the blog. More food, more tips and more recipes!
8. I forgot to add I want to eat cleaner in 2014.  When I’ve been traveling I haven’t been eating as clean, but I know I felt better when I was eating fresher whole foods.  I must get back to that point!
9. Choose to be happy and don’t dwell on the negative things. I’ve done a great job on working on this in 2013.

Remember when you set goals make sure your goals are attainable but not too attainable where there isn’t a challenge.  Don’t say you’re going to complete a Ironman competition in 6 months if you’ve never run a single mile.  Goals are meant to challenge us and motivate us to achieve something bigger.

My running goals for 2014:
1. Run Willie’s first full marathon with him.
2. PR my half marathon.
3. Run the Marine Corp Marathon.
4. Try not to wreck my body with all the marathons I will be running this year.
5. Do the best I can and keep my body strong!

Here’s my first attempt at a new goal. LUNCH!

I made some baked cod (simple pepper and lemon juice) on Monday so we had leftovers. I just had a salad because it was the easiest thing to do.

What are your goals for 2014? Did you do something today to start off your active lifestyle?