The best 7 minutes of my life

Folks, we’re heading to China  and the internet situation there isn’t as open as what we enjoy here.  I don’t know what kind of access I’m going to have to the internet.  I’ll set up a few posts to post while I’m away, but for the most part I’m going to be out of pocket.  Be sure to follow my instagram because I might be able to post some pictures.

While I’m away I’m going to post some not so obvious strategies for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.  Like I’ve said many times before, I am no expert but these are things very important in my life.  Starting with the best 7 minutes of my life.

7 mins a day

It sounds dirty but I think everyone should find time to unplug and just relax for a little bit of time during the day.  Most people suggest taking a 30 minute nap in the middle of the day, but who has time for that?  I’m not in kindergarten anymore where I can just relax like that.  I take whatever time I can get.

I get 7 minutes.  I set a timer on my phone and just close my eyes.  This usually happens in the afternoon before I start my evening workout activities.  I don’t necessarily sleep, but I do sit in a quiet area (sometimes I have NPR playing in the background).  I close my eyes and just rest.  I have been known to fall into a light sleep though.

It’s kind of like a body reset that WE ALL NEED every day.  You’re probably thinking this can’t be that beneficial to my day, but it really is.  Am I fully rested when the seven minutes are over? No!  But I do feel refreshed.  And it doesn’t have to be 7 minutes.  That’s just the amount of time I usually have to spare.

That little bit of time helps me finish the rest of my day strong.  It balances me and it’s just something that I need. When your mind is sharp, a person can focus on what it is they want to achieve the rest of the day and this is just my way of getting to that point.

Do you take a little time to yourself everyday where you do absolutely nothing?  How many minutes do you think you could devote to it?