Ask me a question and watch my two NEW videos.

I would like to do a Q&A video once a month. If you have any questions at all you want to ask me, leave the questions in the comments of this post, tweet me, or subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on a video. Here’s your chance to ask me a question and get an answer. It can be about anything, health, fitness, eating, daily life, emotions, books…etc. Just ask!


I’m really backlogged on my videos this week. The videos are going up closer to each other which isn’t always great. Check out my latest videos:

The first video is my thoughts on the perceptions of me concerning a healthy lifestyle:

And check out what we did this weekend:

I hope you enjoyed the videos and I hope to have more coming to you soon.

Keeping with the theme of Q&A…

What question would you like to ask me?