Little Rock Marathon Weekend

The next two weeks are big for me because these are the two events I’ve been waiting for since November!  This weekend I am running the Little Rock Marathon (and Capital Hat Trick (5k, 10k, plus my marathon)!  Next weekend it’s The Gusher Marathon!  So you know what that means? It’s time to hydrate and carb up!

Starting my hydration plan! Ready to rock @LRMarathon weekend with @jesicarene! #littlerock #running #raceweekend #awesome #funtimes #runhappy #fitfluential #fitness
Nuun is my electrolyte drink of choice! I discovered it last year at an expo and I’ve used it ever since. Nuun is “light flavor, no sugar or carbs” and it’s good. It’s a little harder to find but I see it’s showing up in more places now. Any specialty sports store should have it: Academy, Sports Authority, REI and many local shops have it! My favorite flavors are: watermelon (it’s seasonal and I promise I bought every last stinkin’ tube of this stuff) and kona cola!

Marathon week means Willie makes bread! I love it! He always makes me some pita bread and he usually makes a loaf of something else! He didn’t just have to make bread for me, but my friend Jes who will be making the trip with us to Little Rock! Willie is playing chauffeur, but that’s hard work too! I don’t know what this bread is, but it sure tasted good. He didn’t finish baking it last night until after I went to sleep but I was pleasantly surprised this morning.

I’ve been a nervous wreck about the weather! When the 10 day forecast came out it called for snow and winter precipitation has always been a possibility. I’m really nervous about this due to what happened in December, especially when I’ve been looking forward to something. Now the forecast just calls for rain and the temperature will drop while we are running. I can’t do COLD and WET so I had to snag a jacket! I already have so many problems with my hands, I don’t really want to be worrying about something else too. Luckily, I snagged the $85 jacket for $46! Whether I needed this sucker or not, I was going to take it!Even if it doesn’t rain that bad, it will at least help with the wind!  What is up with all this crazy winter weather this year?

I’m all packed now and I have 4 running outfits.  I don’t want something really funny to happen with the weather!  What can I say? I worry about the weather!  I’m not running this race hard because I want to be able to run the Gusher next weekend.  This race is purely for FUN and the LARGEST FINISHER MEDAL I’VE EVER SEEN!

So what are my goals this weekend:

Goal A: The run the entire marathon with my friend Jes! I need to keep myself fresh and I need to have a good time so this is crucial to meeting the goal of having fun!

Goal B: Not get sick!  That’s why I have the jacket and various running outfits!

Goal C: Maybe a PR on my 5k but I’m not really pushing it.  I haven’t ran at all this week!

I’ll be posting pictures all weekend long on my twitter and instagram.  A few of them might make it to Facebook too!

What are your plans for the weekend?