The St. Jude Memphis Marathon is happening…

Willie and I hopped in the car to drive to Memphis for the big marathon.  Willie will be running his first marathon and I’ll be adding another state to my marathon quest.  It’s a moment for me but it’s a BIG moment for Willie.

This is what we look like while driving to Memphis listening to #serialpodcast! @thisamerlife #stmmw #runstjude

That’s why he drove the entire 8 hours.  But we didn’t listen to Serial which an incredibly addicting podcast.  It’s so good!

This morning we went on short shake out run. Riding in the car for 8 hours will kill your legs. Plus, I had a less than desirable run on Wednesday. No one wants to have a bad run the week of a marathon. It was our own flash back friday because these are the same streets we still ran after this marathon was canceled last year. I’m glad we won’t have to do that this year.

St Jude Memphis Mararthon
We headed to the expo this morning to pick up our stuff. It was a happy moment. Willie is running a marathon.

St Jude Memphis Mararthon
We found our names on the pace car! Every St. Jude hero gets their name on the car. There are a lot of names on that car. Thank you to everyone who donated money for the children of St. Jude! You donation will go a long way!

St Jude Memphis Mararthon
I played around at some booths. My favorite was the Little Rock Marathon booth. I can’t wait to run this race again in 2015!

My goals for this race:

A goal: To finish the marathon in 4:45 – 4:55.
B goal: To not completely fall off the wagon in the last 10 miles. I tend to die toward the end and I’ve been working on trying to do better at this.
C goal: Just finish and have a good time.

If you’re running the race tomorrow, scream my name! We can be running buddies!

Follow my twitter to find out my status on the race. And definitely follow Willie’s twitter to find out his progress on the race.