You can’t win them all

I started thinking about my running and the entire journey to this point. There are many battles along the way and the truth is I didn’t win them all. It’s hard to set out on a path and have everything mapped out and things don’t go the way we planned. It’s hard to come to terms with it. Sometimes things come out better than the plan but sometimes it just completely tanks. That battle is lost but you’re still a winner.


I’ve been searching my soul on something to blog about for today besides my race recaps. I don’t want to overload everyone on race recaps and that be on the only thing on the blog. Running is NOT really what the blog is supposed to be about BUT if my running posts inspire people to push past their boundaries then it works.

When we started on our weight loss journey it was hard for me. For every 25 pounds Willie lost, I lost 10. People noticed his change long before they noticed mine. It was a blow to my self confidence and motivation but I just reached from within. That made me work harder to achieve what I wanted from the situation.

Every time I go out there to run, I want to be better. I want to be faster than I was in the previous race. Realistically, that’s not going to happen and it’s something I’ve had to learn to deal with. I’m not going to run every race the same because every race is different. That is one thing I have really learned this year. One race will be super hot and the next one will be winter storm.

Sometimes, it’s just about finishing what you started. It may not turn out the way we wanted but quitters never win. And sometimes winning the battle may just mean making it to the finish. Not quitting, not getting discouraged to the point of quitting.

If you don’t lose with this week, it’s ok. There is always next week. Just regroup and keep pushing forward. Don’t let the little bumps along the way stop you from achieving any goal you may set out in front of you. If you don’t finish, you’ll never know and when you do finish don’t be defeated because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to happen.

Growing as a person includes falling sometimes. If we don’t fall, we won’t know how to pick ourselves up. When things come to easy, we don’t appreciate those things. When you truly work for something, hit the bumps AND FINALLY ACHIEVE what we wanted, it feels so good. It feels better than good.

So we may not win every battle, but that doesn’t mean we can win the war! Keep pushing through those difficult times because there will be an end and you’ll be proud of yourself when you reach it.