Five most important exercises for strength

I missed my five things Friday yesterday because I was busy but that doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out on this great part of the blog.  This week I’ve been teaching out of the wah-zoo and I’ve been trying to keep up with my own running workouts.  I missed a strength training workout that I’ll hopefully be able to do today.

#running #fitsnap views from today's run. I did a bridge run for some hill training. It started off really hot and I got slowed down a bot. Was going for 13 but landed at 10 miles and I'll take it! Something is better than nothing. #fitfam #fitspo #fitnes

Last night I did my long run.  It was pretty, hot and windy all at the same time.

I’ve been working out a lot this week and I’ve been working on some projects which really got me thinking about workouts.

I know I talk about my running and cycling a lot on the blog but that’s no the only thing I do..  I’ve learned I need to share some of the other stuff with you guys too.  The other workouts are probably the most important workouts I do all week.  Here are some examples of some other exercises I string together for a complete workout.  And don’t forget to checkout the circuit training workout I posted.


For this five things on Friday (Saturday), I want to share five exercises everyone should add to their strength workout routines. This week it’s all about a strong core.

1. Donkey kicks – This exercise tones the butt and really works the glutes (gluteus maximus and gluteus minimums). This is an important exercise to work the lower back and legs also.

2. Squats – Build muscles all over, strengthen joints, burn fat and help build mobility. Today I’m focusing on the body weight squat because you can do it anywhere, but there are lots of different squats for you to do so you can change it up.  One legged-squats, sumo squats, chair squats, jump squats, and overhead squats are just a few variations you can try.

3. Hip Raises – I think hips are the most neglected part of the workout.  If you lack hip strength you’re probably going to have other problems like ankles and knees.  It’s important to have great hip mobility and strength to prevent injury.

4. Diamond push-up – It’s a push up but better because it helps build core strength and strong toned arms.

5. Mountain climbers – This is a compound exercise (targets multiple muscle groups) that builds strength, mobility and cardiovascular health. This exercise targets the glutes and hamstrings and back, hips and abs.

Add these exercises to your workout routine and you will see some great results.

Are any of these exercises in your current workout routine?