Friday happys for a Happy Friday

This week I haven’t really be into anything.  My mind is on Denver next week which kind of made this week kind of blah for me. I haven’t been motivated to do much so I’ve kind of just been off.  I probably just needed a little a reality break though.  I’ve still done my weekly workouts and celebrated birthdays so that’s been a major positive.  It’s just been a really down week as far as enthusiasm but not in spirit.  I’ve been hanging in there LIKE A BOSS! Sadly the blog has suffered…just a tiny bit.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving this week:

My veggie lasagna I made for lunch this week. This pan fed Willie and I lunch all week long. It was so good and I got Willie to get a lot of veggies this week. That’s been my main goal in life. He told me this morning that sometimes the texture of veggies makes him gag so I have to find creative ways to incorporate them into our food. Lasagna used to be Willie’s favorite food before we started our weight loss journey. We stopped having it because I didn’t know how to make it healthier. I’ve tried this zucchini instead of noodles thing before but it TURNED OUT HORRIBLE. It was a dumpster fire. But this time it was absolutely perfect. When I have a minute to type of the recipe and my tips, I will definitely share. It was a cost effective meal that fed both of us for 5 days. I ended up with something like 12 servings.

Willie also practiced his grilling skills on Sunday to prepare dinner for us all week. We made chicken burgers and he made some pork loin. Usually I’m not a fan of pork and I tend not to eat a lot of it because I really just don’t like it. But Willie did a great job with it this week on the grill. I really enjoyed the food we meal prepped for the week!

I loved Boy Meets World growing up. The show is seriously engrained into my childhood so I was skeptical when the show decided to make a comeback in the form of Girl Meets World. But I have to say, I LOVE THIS SHOW! It’s a show for everyone, I promise. It’s got something for everyone and if you have kids its something you can all watch together. It’s just really great!


I’ve been really into listening to music right now. I need a new marathon playlist and since I’m running a marathon next week, I’m looking for suggestions on songs that really pump up your workout. I’m open to anything, but I can’t try it out unless you offer up some songs. So what is the song that you love to workout to? What song really gets your going? What song makes you feel like you can conquer anything?