Late post about the weekend: color, beach and bread

This past weekend was a little bit of fun. We had plans to go to New Orleans before a little business meeting on Sunday, but the storm kind of put a nail in that coffin for us. But I was glad I was able to stay in town and walk with my mom at the Julie Rogers Gift of Life Color Rush. This time last year my mom was starting her chemo and this year she’s cancer free. How awesome is that? It’s been a long hard year but she went through it all like a trooper. Thank goodness for strength, love, prayer and great health care!


There was lots of excitement at the run, but I must say…the whole color experience wasn’t for me. I don’t think Willie enjoyed it too much either. He got hit in the face at the first color station and he didn’t like it one bit. It wasn’t the worst experience of my life, but it definitely wasn’t the most gratifying or fun experience either. I was just glad to be there with my mom, husband and brother walking with my mom. I’m proud that she walked the whole 3.1 miles!


After the Color Rush we went to our friend’s beach house and hung out with some friends. I’m glad we were finally able to go this time because we’ve been crazy stupid busy. Being busy really hampers your social life, so it was good to hang out with people outside of a fitness activity. There was volleyball and I wanted to play but I didn’t have tennis shoes and I didn’t bring my epi-pen. I didn’t want to risk a medical emergency at the beach. But it was fun watching everyone play, I wouldn’t have added much to the game anyway.

I need to find some balance in my life and this was the first step in achieving that.

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Yesterday evening Willie made me pita bread because he loves me. I couldn’t wait for it to come out of the oven. I have two weaknesses in life: FROZEN YOGURT and pita bread with hummus! Yesterday I made us a good meal with baked falafel, chicken, tabouli and he made the pita bread. It was so good. He even made a whole wheat version that didn’t puff up though, I think we found out what the problem of the “no puff”. I think he’s gonna have to try again to make sure that was the problem. What a shame! That just means more bread. At least it’s a race week so I’ll be properly carbed up for Sunday!