The struggle is real but…

The struggle is real to workout, eat right and just stay focused.  But there are other things in life that we all struggle with that sometimes makes things seems harder than usual, right?  I’m here to tell you to not let the struggle take over you.  The struggle is real but you can get through it.

Sometimes we see struggle as a sign of weakness in ourselves, but we must realize that struggle is a natural part of life.  Without the struggle, we wouldn’t appreciate the joys of accomplishments.  Without the struggle, we definitely wouldn’t look back at the road that led us to the points we are now.  Those roads, the struggle make up bits of who we are today.

Don’t discount the struggle.

The struggle is real but it teaches us to push ourselves past our limits.  The struggle gets us to search for solutions instead of creating problems.  The struggle builds strength of character and gives us a grit.  In the end, the struggle keeps us pushing forward because we don’t want to be in the struggle forever, right?


The struggle has been memed to death to make us laugh and that’s ok too.  Sometimes you just need a laugh to get through the struggle of trying times.  Just remember there is always a way out of the struggle just by taking a moment each day to work through the obstacle.  Yes, it’s sometimes not having enough money to buy to things you want or need or it’s something that sends you into a complete tailspin.  It’s okay to struggle.


I will admit that is what I love most about running long distance.  It’s never easy and there are times when I start off that I never think I’m going to finish.  It’s the perfect exercise in working through a problem and coming to a conclusion.  (I can’t say that conclusion is always happy.)  But it teaches me to garner strength when I’m at my weakness and pull that strength from places I never imagined I could get strength from.  And it’s the constant reminder to me the struggle is indeed temporary and I can work through any problem I may encounter.

The struggle is real, but it won’t last forever.  It’s just a temporary thing and you will make it through.  Have a good laugh, find a meme and create the solution to the struggle.

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible

It’s been said that Willie and I accomplished the impossible by losing so much weight and working hard to keep it off. I never saw it was something as impossible. I never saw it as something that we couldn’t accomplish in time. I never saw it as something that we couldn’t achieve. Nothing is impossible. Some things may take extra steps for achievement or may take longer than we may like, but you will still get there. Think of it as a ladder, you start at the bottom and work your way to the top one step at a time.… View Post

The truth about life

The truth about life

You may have noticed the blog was a little scarce last week.  I hate when that happens.  I’m not one to schedule posts and send them through the loop.  Maybe I should do that in times like this but I like to stay authentic to my readers and post real stuff.  This past week I’ve failed to do so because I’ve just been stressed. I will be honest.  Things have been really stressful since November and since then things have just started to pile up.  The past two weeks have probably been the most stressful of my life in a… View Post