On the TODAY Show & come a marathon with me

Good morning and Happy Monday! It’s the first week of the New Year which means we turn those plans into actions. This is your time to shine. Don’t just talk about doing something; make it happen.


Willie and I spent yesterday walking around NYC and enjoying the sights. It’s been a great way to start off the year and it has really made us think about things. This morning Willie and I are on the NBC Today Show in the 4th hour. Please take the time to watch and hear about our weight loss journey which has now turned into my running story.

It’s a new year which means it’s time to make plans. Are you ready to run your first marathon this year? Or are you just looking to find some motivation to get fit in the new year? Come run the Chicago Marathon or New York City Marathon with me! I’ll be representing Team Healthy Kids and spreading the word about creating a stronger and healthier America through our schools.

This is a great organization to work with because the cause is so great and the people behind the scenes are passionate about what they do. A healthy America can take us so much further in the future and here is your chance to really make a difference.

Action for Healthy Kids educates children and adults on making the healthier choices in life. Money raised goes to ensuring a child has a healthy meal at school or that a gym class has the equipment needed to promote physical activity.

For 2016, Willie has committed to running another marathon which will be the Chicago Marathon. I plan on running both the Chicago Marathon and New York Marathon with Team Healthy kids. If I were to form a team to run the NYC Marathon with Action for Healthy Kids, would you want to run with us? They have guaranteed spots in the marathon with a fundraising commitment. If you’re interested in learning more, email TeamHealthyKids@ActionforHealthyKids.org. Or, check out this page to learn more: www.TeamHealthyKids.org

Don’t forget to check us out on the NBC Today Show this morning and think about improving your health and helping out a great cause by committing to run a marathon with us this year.