Tips to avoid the new work out burn out

It’s the beginning of the year and a LOT of people have resolved to get fit. That’s how the year always starts off right? People flocking to the gym, getting gym memberships and flaking out come February. Those people never see the gym until January of the following year when they plan to do it all over again. All I have to say is: the treadmills and elliptical are packed at my gym around 5:30pm!

On a side note, don’t be mean to the new people at the gym.  These people are coming to the gym to accomplish the same goals that you are trying to accomplish.  Yes, some of these people won’t stick around for long but some of them might…and they could become your friends!  Plus, there is so much anxiety about working out in an environment like that so why not make it easier by offering a friendly smile and a hello!


Three years ago on January 6, 2011, Willie and I decided to go to the gym. We were THOSE people the gym regulars were eyeing down to see if we were going to stay with the plan. We never saw ourselves as those people who would flake out on it because A. we wanted to lose the weight and B. we were paying out the wah-zoo for a gym membership every month…among some other reasons too.

Today, I want to offer some ways to keep you motivated in your new year workout behavior:

staymotivated copy
1. Try not to go to the gym at the “peak” time. I know this is difficult due to life! Life always gets in the way, right? But try to find a time that you won’t be battling the masses. In most cases, getting there 15 minutes earlier makes a huge difference or try going to the gym in the morning!

2. Bring your gym clothes with you to work. Changes are if you have to go home to change clothes you’re not going to leave the house. Make your workout the first stop you make after you get off work.

3. Don’t be the overeager beaver. If you’re reading these tips you might just be starting off, so don’t burn yourself out. It’s easy to get excited in the beginning and want to work out every day and for hours on end. That is the quickest way to burn out! Start small by saying you’re going to go 3 times a week for an hour. Once you’ve been able to stick with that schedule you may decide you want to increase your time.

4. Don’t expect too much too fast. You’re working out but not seeing the pounds come off. It’s not going to happen instantly so just be patient and don’t let that detour you from working out.

5. Find someone to workout with to keep your accountable. When you’re working out with friends it’s harder to bail out on the workout because you’ve already made plans with them. I don’t know what it is, but I find it hard to cancel plans I’ve made with others. Why not do the same with your workout? Just make sure your friends won’t stop you from going to get your work out on!

6. Try different things! If you’re just going to walk on the treadmill, you might get bored. Do the treadmill one day, try a group exercise class another day and do some strength and toning on another. There are plenty of ways to get fit and the treadmill doesn’t have to be it!

7. Take days to rest! Rest and recovery is important so you can keep moving and growing in fitness. People think you don’t need those rest days, but they are important for mind, body and soul!

Do you belong to a gym? What are your favorite types of work outs?