Bad doesn’t always mean bad

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you are having a fabulous start to the week.  I had a great weekend hanging with friends and running some trails but there is more on that later.  It’s time for a little motivation on Monday about why bad doesn’t always mean bad.

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The weight loss journey was hard and frustrating but the positive was we were working toward a goal. Even on the worst days, it was just easier to move forward imagining what things would be like in the end.

There are times when you find yourself in a place that isn’t the greatest, we will call this the bad place.  (I’m trying to be a little funny so give me a break.)  But bad doesn’t always mean bad.  If you’re on a weight loss journey and you’re stuck at the same weight for a while, it could be frustrating but it’s not a bad thing.  It’s just a sign that maybe you need to re-evaluate what is really going on.  It can be a way to learn something new and find out things that aren’t working.  There were moment in my journey when I held steady at weight for a few weeks at a time and it was frustrating.  It was hard to work so hard and have nothing happen on the scale at all.  But I use those moments to fuel me and guide me into a new place.  Bad isn’t always a bad thing; bad can be a moment of learning.

There is a positive in every negative.  Sometimes you have to search a little harder for the positive but it is always there.


I didn’t speak much about this last week but Tyson didn’t have an ideal marathon in Louisiana.  His foot was starting to hurt and I felt so bad for him because the same thing happened to me two weeks prior.  We had a plan for the marathon and we were doing so good but sometimes things just happen.  Things were bad but Tyson handled it so well.  He kept pushing on and finished the marathon after I left him.  It wasn’t easy for him and I know he wasn’t happy about it all but he still crossed that finish line.  Sometimes things are just going to suck and there’s nothing that we can do about it but that doesn’t mean there isn’t good that comes from it.  It would be so easy to give up and give in in those moments but he kept pushing through.  That is what impressed me the most.  He just kept going and walked the last 10 miles of that marathon.  Ten miles is a long way to go and it can feel a little defeating but he handled it well.

Just remember things will not always go your way.  The scale may not move, you may get hurt, you may indugle in your favorite food, you may skip a couple of workouts but that isn’t always a bad thing.  Find the positive, learn from it and move with the plan.  The straight line isn’t always the best route to get to your destination.  There’s a lot of important things that happen from the start to finish just don’t get caught up in the negative.

Lesson of the week: negativity breeds negativity

Lesson of the week: negativity breeds negativity

The week is almost over and I can’t wait for it to end. It’s been a hard week or a couple of hard weeks have really hit me hard. A lot things haven’t gone right, but I’ve been good at focusing on the good things. This week, I’ve been trying to step my game up. I upped my weights in Group in Power on Monday morning. I’m trying to stay focused on moving forward and not looking back. And then some pretty negative things happened Monday during the day. I thought all types of negative things. I thought about things…

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