Good comes from a bad day

Yesterday was a pretty bad day.  Things has progressively gotten better throughout the day but it had taken a toll on me mentally.  A series of unfortunate events finally led me to the road.  I needed to burn off some of the stress that had been building all day.

Can't get over how early it gets dark. Had to pull out the headlamp. Took my #run a little too fast today. Oh well, how did u get active today? #fitfluential #ffcheckin #sweatpink #tiuteam
I hit the road to clear my mind. I felt really good when I was done. I was back in a better head space and I was ready to relax!

The bus got a flat! No exactly how we wanted to spend our Thursday night. #sequoia #Toyota #flattire
But then this happened! The bus aka The Sequoia had a really bad flat. When I got out of the car I could hear the air pouring out of the tire. The culprit: the largest nail I’ve ever see in my life. Ok, maybe it was a screw! This took up a lot of our time and at this point I was on the verge of having a really bad moment! I just wanted to relax. Learn how to use the Go Pro camera and watch Top Chef. None of that happened.

These are the people who inspire and motivate me to be better everyday! I love these people so much! Thank you for waking up to workout with me at 5am! #fitfluential #ffcheckin #exygon #sweatpink #mossa #whyimove

But last night before I bed, I took a reflection on the day. Yes, it was not the best day of my life but it was filled with some really great people. My husband did everything he could to help diffuse the situation, my mom came through with a big help in the end…and I taught a really great spin class yesterday morning with people I absolutely adore. Life may not have gone the way I wanted it to yesterday but I was still rich with love and happiness from other sources. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that when you’re going through the rough parts. My biggest advice is to stop, breathe, reflect and move on. Here’s to a better, brand new day!

What was a shiny spot in your day yesterday?