Happy Friday! China, meals, munchies, workout gear and weight loss

Happy Friday everyone! I’m feeling a little bit under the weather which means I’ve over medicating myself before we leave for China. It’s a bummer but things will get better. I will definitely sleep it off until it’s time to leave.

Can't think about anything else! I'm soo excited! #travel #china #tripofalifetime
I can’t think about anything but going to China which has made my blogging suffer. I don’t really have anything to talk about or maybe the problem is I do have something to blog about I just don’t want to.

That being said, I’m answering your questions today to free my mind a little!

Question from Jackie: How many meals do you eat per day?
A. I try to eat the major meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually have a snack before I work out in the afternoons and I eat a little something before I work out in the mornings. I used to do a mid morning snack which helped out a lot but for some reason I fell out of the habit. I need to get back on that track.

Question from Stacey: Do u have any suggestions on how to battle the munchies during that special time of the month?
A. This is probably not what the men of the site want to know about but it’s something we all deal with. Try to find the healthiest alternative that you can. If I want chocolate, then I eat a Luna bar. If I want something salty, I usually have some pretzels or nuts. In the end it’s all about moderation and controlling the snacking. Drink a little bit more water to help you feel full when you’re in between your meals. And if none of that works, try to get active so you’re not giving in to your cravings.

Question from Amber: Where do you get your workout clothes?
A. Honestly, I’m not fancy. I buy clothes when they are on sale and from wherever. The only thing I pay full price for is my running tights BECAUSE I know they work for me. I get my workout clothes from Walmart, Academy and Kohls. The cheaper the better though. I can’t justify paying big money for stuff I’m going to sweat in but I also know I spend more time in workout clothes than regular clothes these days. It’s up to the person. Don’t get me wrong, I see very cute thinks at Lululemon that I would love to have, I just can’t justify buying it.

My friends have always told me to hit the racks at Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls though so I might have to check that out too.

Question from Leila: What is the biggest hurdle you faced with weight loss?
A. Keeping a positive spirit. Things don’t always go as we hoped and there are setbacks. The week that I lost no weight played with my mind and the negativity set in. I still battle it now every time I put on a pair of pants that don’t fit me now because my thighs have gotten bigger. A positive mind frame will push you through the hardest times but it’s also the easiest thing to look sight of on the journey.

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