How To Maintain Your Hair As A Busy Mom

As a busy mom, many things are taking your attention; often enough, there’s little time left for yourself. It’s something to be mindful of regarding your health, happiness, and mental well-being. If you’re not looking after yourself enough, it can impact those around you, like your loved ones.

Maintaining your hair as a busy mom is easy enough when you know the tips and tricks to handle your mane, regardless of your hair type. That said, let’s look at how to maintain your hair as a busy mom.

How To Maintain Your Hair As A Busy Mom

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Know your hair type

First and foremost, know what your hair type is. For example, you might have 2b waves, and how you look after this hair type would be vastly different if you had straight hair with no texture at all.

Knowing your hair type is useful because you’ll know what to do with it beyond just brushing it daily and washing it with some generic shampoo products. Understanding how your hair works, the impact that the environment has, etc is something that can be helpful to make the most out of your hair.

The frustration of looking after your hair as a mom is often the case when you don’t quite grasp what you need to maintain it successfully.

Keep your hair routine simple

Keeping your hair routine simple is the best way to look after your hair and ensure your hair stays in tip-top condition. 

Your haircare routine doesn’t need to be too complex; often enough, moms don’t have much time to spare to do anything to their hair. For example, if you’re looking to simplify your hair routine, you might want to consider using a 2-in-1 product over two separate shampoo and conditioner products.

When styling your hair, you might just want to get a hair tool that straightens and dries it simultaneously. This then reduces the time you need to spend on your hair.

Choose the best products for your hair

The best products for your hair are those that suit your hair’s texture and your personal preferences in the style and finish you’re after.

It’s important to assess what products you’ve tried before and what might have been the wrong choice. Over time, your hair can get used to certain products, so much so that the results you get, no longer suffice.

Chop and change your products, opting for new ones every few months to give your hair something new and exciting. Experiment with different products depending on what you need for your hair care.

For some, it might be curl products, for others, it might help add more volume to hair lacking.

Always have a hair tie or clip on hand

Having a hair tie or clip on hand is always good when you need to tie your hair up quickly. When you want to get your hair out of the way, a hair clip might be a less damaging hair accessory than a hair tie. However, sometimes, a hair clip might not be secure enough if you work out, for example.

Having a hair tie around your wrist will be helpful when you’re on the go and need to whip up your hair instantly. Useful when you have to roll up your sleeves and change a nappy or wash a dirty toddler in the bath.

Brush it every morning and evening

To maintain your hair, it’s always good to brush it every morning and evening. After sleeping in bed, your hair will likely need a brush through to remove any matting. 

By the evening, you’ll find that your hair has been through the wringer and needs another brush through before bed. Just doing this twice daily will help keep the hair in good condition.

Indulge your hair in hair masks every so often

Talking of good condition, indulge your hair in hair masks occasionally. This is important because it’s nourishing your hair from root to tip. A hair mask is worth applying every couple of weeks or even once a month if that’s too much.

With these tips, you can maintain your hair as busy as you might be during mom life.