Don’t be afraid to accept a compliment

Believe it or not, people still give compliments but most of us are bad at accepting them.  Why is it so hard for people to accept compliments? Compliments are nice things that are meant to boost our self-confidence but most of the time compliments are turned into something negative. When someone issues me a compliment I know I usually turn it into something negative. The usual response is something like, “Thanks but man I’m…struggling/hurting/tired/etc.”   I don’t know how to accept it.  I’m not one for attention either so that is probably half the problem. Willie, on the other hand,… View Post

Define your happy.

Happiness is relative. What makes me happy will definitely may not make you happy. What makes me happy at a certain period in time will change from day to day. If I’m longing to be outside on a beautiful and I finally get there that will definitely make me happy, but that may not make me happy everyday. It’s all about a circumstance, a moment, a smile, a joke, a song…etc. Happiness comes with it’s ebbs and flows. The one thing I do know is EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY! What is happy? Here is the official definition of happy.… View Post