Focus is real

To put this into words is hard because I have been extremely focused lately.  I’m the person you come to for motivation and inspiration to tackle your dreams and lately I’ve just been focused on chasing my own stuff.  It’s been hard for me to put it into words to post here on the blog. I’m still here.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve still been around. The goals I’ve set for myself aren’t visual goals.  That’s why I haven’t had much to post on Instagram (besides in my stories).  The goals I set are kind of… View Post

Race Recap: Rock n Roll Denver Half Marathon

There are a few things you should know before you read this recap. 1. This wasn’t really supposed to be a race for me.  It was supposed to be a training run.  My training plan called for 15 miles so… 2. I got up early and ran two miles before heading to the start line. I’ve never ran 15 miles before, ever. 3. Even though it was just supposed to be a training run, I put my race face on and was ready to roll. 4. I shouldn’t have done that because ALTITUDE is a horrible thing and it will… View Post