Things I’ve learned.

This week I turned down my dream job because in the end it wasn’t really my dream job. It was a great job and I’m honored to have been offered the job. In the end, I knew the job was amazing but it wasn’t my time for this job. It was a very emotional process for me and I learned a couple of things:


1. Ultimately, my husband will always come first. What he thinks and feels has always been important to me. I travel a lot but I do that because I want to do that. I control the time I’m gone and I can work within our schedule. I couldn’t take a job that would have me gone on someone else’s terms. I will always have our best interest in heart.

2. As previously stated, I travel a lot but the people in my life are very important to me. I didn’t realize how important until I thought about moving across the country to a place where many people wouldn’t be able to visit us too often. I already don’t see my friends and family enough because I choose to travel and run. Moving across the country would cut back on the little time we have together and that wouldn’t be a great thing.

3. I require structure in my life. The reason why I think the weight loss journey was so successful for me was due to all the structure. I need to be able to do my workouts when I want to and I want to do the workouts I want to do. Having an unstable schedule would probably be a huge detriment to my mental state.


4. I cherish the time with my mom. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 not long after I reached my goal weight. It was hard to deal with. I watched so many things happen and I was scared. My mom has been cancer free for 2 years now which is a huge blessing. I want to spend as much time with her as I possibly can.

I know it seems like some really “duh” things to have learned but I really learned HOW IMPORTANT these things are to me and how changes could effect my life. A new job and all the responsibilities are just not something I really wanted in our lives right now.

But I also learned that I’m not really great at making conversation with people. That’s not a good thing. Once I’ve said what I had to say, then I’m kind of done. I’m horrible at small talk or just starting up conversations. My body language is wrong and I don’t know how to start.


This is the one thing I need to work on; I really need to get better at talking to people. I know the people who approach me at expos or anywhere out in public think I’m way better on the blog than in person…and that’s the truth. To help, I purchased this book. I found it by accident at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday and I thought it was fate.

This is the one thing I will work on in the future.  What is one thing you want to work on for the future? Do you have any tips for me for the starting conversations with people?