Dealing with maintenance mode

People are very curious to see if I’m still trying to lose weight.  I am here to answer that question: no! I’m in maintenance mode and I’ve been that way for almost two years now, I think.  Two years seems like a really long time.  It took me 13 months to hit my first goal weight and I continued to shed the pounds after that, not intentionally but I did still have more to lose.  At some point my body just stopped and that is how I knew it was time to maintain. It was a hard switch to make… View Post

Eggless Eggnog for the holidays

I don’t know about you, but I love(d) eggnog. I never really paid attention to the calories or fat in this delicious holiday drink though. When I became a little bit more health conscious I had to step away from my favorite holiday drink because it just didn’t fit into my “I can make that work” factor. (FYI: I am a person who doesn’t really like to drink their calories, but I know everyone is different.) Christmas cookies and eggnog were always something I enjoyed on Christmas Eve but it’s just something I couldn’t do anymore. I may not feel… View Post

Race Recap: Rock n Roll Denver Half Marathon

There are a few things you should know before you read this recap. 1. This wasn’t really supposed to be a race for me.  It was supposed to be a training run.  My training plan called for 15 miles so… 2. I got up early and ran two miles before heading to the start line. I’ve never ran 15 miles before, ever. 3. Even though it was just supposed to be a training run, I put my race face on and was ready to roll. 4. I shouldn’t have done that because ALTITUDE is a horrible thing and it will… View Post