More than just about weight loss

We wanted to lose the weight to improve our quality of life and we did it! I’m here to tell losing weight was only the FIRST step in improving our quality of life.

I learned in hindsight that the weight was holding us back from not just being physically active but also socially active. Don’t get me wrong, we both have a GREAT set of BEST friends in our life but all but one set live out of state.  The in state people don’t even live in our city.  Willie and I spent a LOT of time sitting at home, eating and watching a LOT of TV before we embarked on our lifestyle change.  We spent a lot of time together too, which was not a horrible thing because we actually LIKE each other.

At the beginning of 2013 Willie and I talked about making new friends and putting ourselves out there.  Meeting new people is already difficult and cultivating relationships is harder to do as you grow older. We wanted to make a social change too but it was hard.  We have always been the people (together and apart) to keep to ourselves and we’re kind of shy…until you get to know us.  Plus, we are two people who have gone through a dramatic change and still haven’t really grown into our new selves.

This was the year we were going to try to break out of our shells and meet new people. But we wanted to do more than just meet new people, we wanted to make friends.  Willie asked me how I was going to gauge this so called “making friends” thing and me being silly replied, “We’ll know if we’ve succeed if we get invited to a Christmas party.”


Guess what folks! We were invited to SEVERAL Christmas parties this year.  Let’s check another goal off the list!  I have to say it all started with me joining the running group and then making Willie tag along too. At the beginning of the year,we knew no one.  Half way through the year we knew people and didn’t quite feel like we fit in.  At the end of the year, I feel like I’ve made some REALLY GREAT FRIENDS!  And these people (until now) don’t know how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know them and them getting to know us!

Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult? I read this article awhile back and found myself nodding in agreement the entire time. When we decided it was time to make new friends, I had these words floating around in the back of my head and I already felt defeat.  BIG NO NO!  Don’t start off like that folks!

I may not have made life changing friendships with everyone, but I now have some great friendships that are growing everyday and I’m blessed for that.  Without our weight loss, Willie and I wouldn’t have even attempted to make new friends.  I’ve watched Willie grow and change and become more open.  He stops to talk to people now.  He sees people and he stops to say hello. He’s changed and that makes me so happy because people are getting to know how great a person he is inside and out!


Ugly sweater, ornament party, secret santa and tonight is a Christmas bike ride; I am having a great time.  Last night, my secret santa was April and she got me the best gift ever!


This means the world to me! This was a very thoughtful gift and when I opened the box I already knew I was going to wear it everyday. Those 26.2 miles were very hard BUT I couldn’t have done that without the support of my family and friends. April really went out of her way to make my gift special and I greatly appreciate it.


Last night on our Christmas run, we ran around the neighborhood and took pictures with random light displays. It was a good time but not a good time for getting a good steady run. Fun is all that mattered. This was the my favorite picture of the night.

Have you been to many holiday parties? What is your favorite holiday party: cookie exchange, ornament, secret Santa, just a party?

Also, do you have a hard time making friends the older you get?

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