How your love language fits into your life

Do you know your love language? It’s an important thing to know. Taking this simple quiz will tell you a lot about yourself which in turn will show you have you navigate life.


My primary love language is quality time. This explains a lot about me. I carry around a lot of guilt because I keep a busy schedule. I’m just one of those people who just like to stay busy and all of you know I like to get out and explore different places. That makes quality time being my primary love language a little ironic…at least to me. Back to the guilt, I carry it around because I am so busy I do sacrifice time with others. I use to spend a lot of time with friends and family but now that time is limited. The time I do get with these people is VERY precious to me so I want to spend the time making it count.

I am very serious about how I spend my down time too because I want it to count. Willie is always my first priority and having uninterrupted time together means the world to me. No phones, no television, no working out…just us together unplugged. My favorite moments with Willie are when we are driving in the car from one place to another.

My second love language turned out to be words of affirmation which made a lot of sense to me too. I do many things for others and I really do put myself out there for that and I really just want to know that I’m appreciated. No, I don’t do those things to get affirmation but sometimes it’s just nice to hear so I know I am love and appreciated. When I’m lacking in this I do kind of feel like I’m not being my full self. Maybe that’s why I like to run and race so much because in the end, someone is always going to tell you great job at the end. It’s just a nice feeling to have.

Taking the little quiz can open up a huge difference in your world. It’s important to know what your love language is so you know how to care for yourself. We all put others needs and wants above our own (probably too much) but it’s important to know what we need from people. It’s hard to express what your needs and wants are if you don’t know what’s important to you.

The biggest thing I learned from taking the quiz is that negative self talk really tears me down because I do seek love and support through words of affirmation. When I’m tearing myself down for not doing something, the negative self talk is kind of a way for punishing or not loving me. For some people who don’t need that, it may be less damaging to their psyche than man. For the record, I don’t recommend negative self talk for anyone. It’s just a bad thing. I always tell people while losing weight, I talked to myself, I assured myself I could do it. When I’m out there running those long runs, I talk to myself to motivate myself to keep pushing. I seriously talk to myself and when I feel like I’m not hearing it internally, I’ll do it verbally. And my need for words of affirmation is probably the reason why that works for me.

Take the time to find out your love language and really think about how that relates to your everyday life. It’s free and totally worth it.

What is your love language? Are you surprised by your results?