I’m diggin’ travel and watermelon right now.

I did a lot of working out yesterday, well not really but I tried so new stuff. I’m working really hard on my core strength so I did a little bit of that. I also taught my class yesterday morning and I went to Group Kick with Willie.

I got my workout in today, how about you? I even went to #groupkick with @fueledxrunning. #fitfluential #fitfam #fitness #sweatpink

I must tell you this; it hurts to move my arms. I’ve switched up my workouts this week anyway and I’m hurting but kick just put the icing on the cake. FYI: Willie doesn’t like to take post workout pictures so all he ever gives me is feet.

I thought I would share some of the things I’m loving right now on the blog. This post was meant for yesterday but I wasn’t feeling motivated to get it done. Every time I sat down to write it, it just didn’t happen. Yesterday’s trash is today’s prize so let’s hit it!

Airstream trailer
I really want an Airstream trailer. Maybe not this particular Airstream, but I want one. I dream of traveling around the country with Willie and the pups in our Airstream. Willie is totally game for it but he’s not so keen on quitting our jobs so we can roam the country. I get it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get an Airstream, we’ll just have to modify the plan just a little bit.

Road trip

Which leads me to my next thing: ROADTRIPS! Flying is the most efficient way to get around but I do enjoy a good roadtrip. I’ve been on the plane thing because it’s a time saver, but I’m looking forward to hitting the road soon. Next week I will be roadtrippin’ with an old friend to Lexington, KY! And for my birthday, Willie and I will be going to Dahlonega, GA and then on to Chattanooga, TN! It’s going to be a fun time. I had my eyes set on West Virginia in June, but I’m not sure if that’s going to work out. Maybe I’ll find somewhere else to go. I like roadtrippin’ because you can stop to see interesting things a long the way and it’s a good time to bond with your travelmates.

#watermelon a great post workout treat! #cleaneats #refuel #fitness #fitfluential #sweatpink #iambft

Watermelon…everything. Nothing says warm weather quite like watermelon. It’s so delicious and always hits the spot on a warm day. I need to buy a big watermelon for the weekend and have Willie cut it for me. (I’m not allowed to cut it myself because I sometimes cut myself doing things like that. For now, I’ve just been enjoying my watermelon Nuun! I’m so glad it’s back in stock, especially since I’m doing all this in the heat running.


The turkey burgers I made this week for lunch are soo good. Hopefully I will be able to duplicate this again, but I’m not sure. Willie even agreed the burgers were delicious…and I’m really liking the spaghetti squash casserole too. Recipe might be coming soon.

What are you diggin’ this week?