What I studied, how I worked out and what I ate

All this traveling has gotten me off my routine. We’re getting so close to China and I realize we’re prepared but not prepared. I’ve been training for the The Great Wall of China Marathon but the weather is getting a little hotter and it’s starting to affect my running. It’s that time again.

Learning some Mandarin Chinese for the trip! #travel can't wait to #run #thegreatwallofchina! #tripofalifetime #runhappy #thankful #chinese
So when I need a break from the running, I practice my Mandarin Chinese. Let me tell you folks, it’s not easy learning this stuff. It’s hard work! I just need to know enough to get by and to make some notecards.

This week has been really busy at the gym because it’s launch week! I always love launch week because new excitement is in the air. Everyone is pumped up and ready to try something new! I teach Group Ride so I had to learn the new routines which wasn’t bad at all. Most of my friends have to learn multiple releases because they teach a gazillion classes. I also like launch week because we can team teach and it’s just fun to have someone else energy up there with you on the stage!

I haven’t been doing much running since I ran a marathon last week. I had a few aches that I wanted to let rest for a couple more days. Yesterday I went out for my first run since Saturday and it wasn’t fun. But I need to get out to run so this weekend, I would suffer from dead legs. I’m doing two races this weekend: Zooma Women’s Half Marathon and the Austin 10/20! It’s a total of 23 miles, no biggie. Hey, it’s not a marathon! 😛

Last night Willie was up to no good and made his pizza dough. I wanted something different so I made a breakfast pizza with veggies and egg whites. I’m getting the hang of this pizza thing now. I cook the spinach first so it doesn’t water down my pizza! I actually enjoyed the pizza with eggs on it though. It’s not something I’ll try every week but it was a nice change!

What do you like on your pizza?