The end of the Labor Day

I hope everyone had a great day today and didn’t have to work. If you did have to work, I’m sorry! I wish I could say I did something eventful for the weekend, but I really didn’t do much.

Decided to #run at the last minute on this holiday. Five humid miles called for a stop to play in the sprinklers. I felt like a kid again. Make every moment count! Enjoy the day. #ifeverybodyran #werunsocial #runhappy

This morning I went for a run. The humidity was killer so I stopped to play in the sprinklers.

After that, I decided that I should do some laundry. It’s long overdue.

@angelabeatfat is recording videos for her YouTube channel. #production #youtube #video #WBF #film

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I just spent the weekend working on stuff for the blog and my YouTube channel. I’ll call it a productive fun weekend.

Want to see more of the weekend? Watch the video:

When you get bored and you need something to explore, why not visit the 3rd largest fire hydrant? #staycation #instatravel #sightseeing #beaumont #setex
I mean, I got this great picture in front of the fire hydrant.

Rainy day
And take pictures in the rain.

Needed to get out of the house so I went for a walk. Thoughts on my walk: I'm more festive on social media. #walking #active #fitfam #fitness
I ended today with a walk.

How was your Labor Day? Are you ready to get back to business tomorrow?

Foodie Penpal – August 2014

Foodie Penpal – August 2014

It’s foodie pen pal day! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. I’ve been hanging out with some friends and taking it easy. Summer is coming to an end and it supposed to be a weekend we spend outside doing outside things. But it’s raining here so we had to come up with other things to do… We made wreathes. It was fun but a little time consuming. It turned out pretty good for a first attempt so maybe one day I’ll try to make another one. This month my foodie penpal was Savina! And I think she…

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