Gift Guide: Favorite Amazon purchases in 2021

I am sharing my favorite Amazon purchases of 2021. Have you shopped at Amazon? It’s a silly question because most spend so much time searching and buying things on Amazon Prime. The holiday season is upon us, so this is the perfect chance to share my favorite purchases on Amazon this year. I know it’s best to shop locally and through small businesses, but Amazon comes through with having all your items within a click. I use Amazon much more now that I’ve become a mom, and sometimes it is hard to get out in the stores with a small child.

(Disclaimer: All links included here are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you click the link and purchase anything. Thank you!)

Best Amazon Purchases 2021

  1. The backpack purse ($26.99, medium) is excellent because it looks “chic” and it’s roomy. The bag comes in different colors, but I chose the cognac brown for a versatile everyday situation. I can carry my camera around along with all the other things I lug around every day. I am the woman that takes THE MOST stuff all the time. I’m ready for every situation, so having a roomy casual bag is essential for everyday life. You can wear the purse as a backpack or a shoulder bag, but the straps don’t unattach. There are two low points of the bag: the internal organization is lacking, but you can solve that with a bag insert, and the strap cheapens the look of the purse.
  2. The KASA smart plugs are my go-to brand for turning everyday things into smart things. I connect my lamps and lights (twinkle lights and Christmas lights) to a smart plug. Kasa plugs work seamlessly with Alexa. I use the power strip for all my holiday decorations to run on a schedule and group things together.
  3. The Nintendo switch AirPods Pro case ($8.99) is on-brand for me. If you know, you know. The AirPods pro case is perfect and comes in other variations. Anyone who loves games will love having this AirPods pro case. 
  4. The mason jars with the bamboo lid ($20.99, two-pack) with straws quickly became a household favorite. Another influencer influenced me to get this, and I drink out of these jars all the time. These cups do sweat like crazy, so always use a coaster.
  5. This laptop stand ($24.99) is sleek and functional. I have this stand at work and at my home office. The stand allows your laptop to sit higher up for cooling and is better for typing. 
  6. UBeezise 51″ Extendable Tripod Stand ($23.99) is the best portable camera tripod I’ve tried, and I’ve tried A LOT of these things. I use this for taking all my photos, and it extends to a great height to make reels and TikToks. The tripod also comes with a Bluetooth remote if you still use those types of things.  
  7. Claw clips ($14.99, 12 pack) were all the rage in middle school, and now the clips are making it back to a trend. I have long, thick hair, and it’s hard to find a clip to hold all my hair, and these claw clips work just great. 
  8. The Kindle Oasis ($269) is an excellent investment for any reader. I am a strictly digital reader who I know is a bit taboo. I prefer reading on the Kindle because it’s easier to carry my books around. I typically read more than one book at a time, so taking around two books around can get heavy. I also don’t like my books getting messed up, so toting them about is the quickest way to get crumpled pages. (I know, I’m a bit neurotic with the book situation.) I settled on the Kindle Oasis for the warm light feature and the bigger screen (because my vision is worse in low light), but now those features are offered on the newer Kindles. If you don’t want to drop the money on the Oasis, you should try the new Kindle Paperwhite ($139)!
  9. The Jackery Portable Power Station ($999) came from necessity after severe hurricane seasons and winter storms with power outages. We also purchased a solar panel for recharging when the power was out. It’s no fun when the power goes it, but try having a young child and no electricity. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use it for that reason since the purchase. But I have used it on long car trips to power my computer to keep working.  The Jackery is an excellent investment.

I know the things on this list are random and specific, but sometimes those are the moments we find the perfect gifts for others. I hope you found this helpful and found something you might be interested in buying.

What is the best thing you’ve bought from Amazon this year?