Goal setting for June

It’s a new month and one of my goal was to go back to setting monthly goals.  In keeping on with that goal, I am present you with my goal setting for June 2015.  This is a really big month for me because I’ll be working toward my first 12 hour race…in July…in Georgia. It’s going to be hot so I’m going to be focusing a lot on hydration.

Vegetarian cookbook

1. We are switching to a vegetarian diet for the month of June.  We thought it would be a good time to switch because it’s summer and my training has slowed down a bit.  We’ve been doing tons of research on switching to a more plant-based diet.  This was something I was really focused on during my weight loss journey but I fell off of it because I started training and running marathons.  It was just too much a change for me as far as recovery and having enough energy.  This time is different because we’ve planned for it.  I think it will be a success and maybe it’s something that will end up being a staple in our lives.  Planning is the key to not falling off the wagon.

2. Get acclimated to the heat and humidity.  Twelve hours in the heat and humidity is going to require some training.  My goal for the race is run 46 miles.  I think that is doable if I’m properly trained for it and I don’t want to go into the situation untrained.  I really need to pick up Georgia on my quest so I don’t have to go back.

3.  I really need to learn how to change a tube on my bike.  I think I would spend more time riding my bike if I knew how to do some basic maintenance on my bike.  I’m always afraid to go out on my own for that reason.  It’s time to learn so I can literally get rolling.

4. I would really like to take my personal trainer exam by the end of the month.  I’ve put it off for too long and now I just need to finish it.  Not having it is causing me to miss out on a lot of business opportunities.  I just need to suck it up and just finish the ride.

That’s it for now.  What are your goals for June?  Are you working toward a big end of the year goal?