Fight the negative to ACCOMPLISH your goals

I don’t know why but this morning I woke up thinking about the things that people said I should/would never do. It’s easy to get wrapped up I. The idea of what others think and say about us. I could sit here and tell you that you shouldn’t care, but I know it’s easier said than done. If I told you I lived like that, it would be a lie.

Truth is I do care, but I think that is wrapped up in insecurities. I let it creep into my head and ruin some pretty proud moments for myself. Truth is, I shouldn’t care to the point where it sometimes does affect me the way it does. I feel like I’ve gotten better at the whole thing, but I’m 60% emotional and 40% logical.


But I’m wasting time and energy thinking about that kind of stuff. Insecurities bring self doubt and worry about what others think brings on feelings of guilt and non acceptance. Those are all things that we need to shed from our lives.

Most importantly, letting those things become an obstacle for something we want to do is nonsense. It’s time to stop the cycle and just believe those things will happen. But those things will only happen if we try.

No one can stop you from accomplishing whatever you want to do. Stay focused. Develop a plan. Move forward and never look back. Find a people who will support you. Support doesn’t always mean those people will always understand. Support means they will be there to listen and lift you up when an ear is needed. It’s also important to surround with people who do understand. It helps to talk to those people to gain perspective.

I say this because it’s a new year and people are trying new things and embarking on new journeys. It’s never going easy but having the confidence to see the journey to the end. Everything is possible, it just depends on how hard you.>