How to take the dread out of the treadmill

Treadmill running/walking has gotten a bad rap, but the treadmill isn’t the worst thing in the world. We choose to run and walk to get outside, but sometimes, it’s nice to mix it up with a treadmill workout. We are forced to use the treadmill at other times because the weather doesn’t always agree with our exercise schedule. Whether you’re at the gym or using your treadmill, here are some ways to make the treadmill a more enjoyable experience.

Don't get bored on the treadmill again.

  1. Try a treadmill workout. The treadmill gives you much more options to get a workout done. Treadmill time allows you to play with intervals of speed and incline. Change it up and push yourself out of your comfort zone. I value my treadmill workouts because there are no hills in my town. I use this to practice the inclines and get my heart rate up.
  2. Try a workout subscription service. On-demand workouts have been a trend for a minute and can be very helpful in taking the guesswork out of what you should be doing. These virtual workouts make you feel less alone in a group fitness atmosphere. I’ve used Peloton from the start, and I like being able to pick the classes I want based on instructor, music, intensity, and so much more. Working with an app gives me the flexibility to motivate me to work out. There are plenty of subscription services: iFit, Joggo, Nike Run Club (free audio-guided workouts), and Adaptiv, or just some treadmill options for you to try.
  3. Turn on the entertainment. Use your treadmill time to binge television shows or listen to podcasts and audiobooks. In 2011, when we started our weight loss journey, I would get on the treadmill to walk a 30-minute show to motivate myself to go to the gym. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can completely change your mindset.
  4. Make your workout space a place you want to be. If you dread getting on the treadmill because you’re going to a dark corner, try brightening things up. Position the treadmill towards a window so you can feel outdoors. Location matters in getting you excited to ride the conveyor belt.  
  5. Make an upbeat playlist. Music changes everything. Carefully curate a treadmill playlist that will keep you motivated the entire time. When I lack the treadmill motivation, an EDM playlist always gets me going. I’m sorry, you can’t avoid feeling great with a beat drop. Whatever your hype music is, get your treadmill playlist together to keep you thinking positively about your entire workout.

Running on the treadmill is pretty decent. You have to change your mindset and get it done. Sometimes, the treadmill can be a lifesaver. I’ve been able to exercise when the kid has been sick at home, when the weather didn’t agree, and even when there hasn’t been enough time in the day. I’ve learned to embrace the treadmill for its greatness (and for help with my speed workouts). I hope you find something to motivate you to hop on the tread. 

Do you like running on the treadmill?