We are in Runner’s World talking weight loss!

I am so happy to finally share with everyone that we are in the December 2015 issue of Runner’s World.  I guess we could have spoke about it before but honestly, we didn’t know much information about it.  When running the Pensacola Marathon on Sunday someone at an aid station stopped to ask me if I was the girl in the magazine.  That is really when I found out it had hit the shelf.  On my way home yesterday, I stopped in Baton Rouge and purchased them all. Haha!

Runners worldThe forces at Action for Healthy Kids are making my dreams come true by providing me with a platform to speak about living a healthy life.  Without them, this never would have happened.  I just want to be able to motivate and inspire people to live the best versions of themselves.  Being in Runner’s World is just the icing on the cake.  I look forward to doing many great things with Action for Healthy Kids to make our America stronger and healthier! runnersworld2

It was a humid day in October when we were photographed in town.  This is kind of when we knew it was going to be something but we still weren’t sure.  We honestly thought it would be a sidebar thing and not a full page.


Our photographer was so nice and we had a really good time.  It was 3 hours of doing the same thing over and over, trying to catch the right light.  But it was definitely an experience we’ll never forget.

It’s just another way to get out story out there and show people that anything is possible.

We do not take these opportunities for granted!  I want to thank everyone for coming here to read about our story, to learn my small life hacks and just be inspired by it all.  I’ve always wanted to make a difference in this world and one day I will and this is how I’ll do it.  Health and fitness is so important to me and I REALLY do want people to live their best lives now.  Otherwise, when are you going to live it?

Pick up a copy of Runner’s World and read a lot of inspiring stories in the issue!